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Our desire to make friends and to fit in often causes us to be followers rather than leaders. We don’t always realize that we are following in the footsteps of another, but it is important to notice this behavior and change it. The reason being a follower is not a wise habit to maintain is because it doesn’t usually lead to your own individual happiness. You begin to do things for the sake of the leader, the group, or in general to fit in, but not because you truly want to do this particular action.

Being a leader is difficult, I speak from personal experience, but it is not impossible. It will take time and possibly many failed attempts, but it is worth it in the end because you being to realize and do what makes you happy; life is too short to live to simply satisfy and fit in with a group that you perhaps don’t feel genuine around. When you become your own leader you will find friends that share your same interests, and you will then develop bonds that are stronger, more powerful, and much more long lasting then had you been with a group of people you didn’t quite belong to. Also, it is important to make genuine joyful memories, so that one day when you are no longer in school you can still look back at them and smile and not for a second regret the choices you made. It is difficult and might feel risky, but it is a challenge worth taking part in. Once you become your own leader you will find yourself and find the people you can share your love, hobbies, and memories with.

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