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I first met him in middle school with his bad boy swag, he was just Chilin on the bleachers with his homeboy Paul, and both of them were the cutie pies of the 9th grade boys. His name is Glen, 5’11 carmel tone brother, bow legs, wore his hair in a short fade, and yes a nice body for a boy his age. His girlfriend at the time was a cute girl with thick long hair, dark skin, thin with a nice shape, for some odd reason they broke up and Glen started flirting a lot with me. My first crush asked me to be his girlfriend that summer after we graduated 9th grade. We both went to the same High School and during a short time in 10th grade he somehow met this drug dealer Big Mike that convinced Glen to start selling cocaine, so my boyfriend dropped out of high school to become a drug dealer.

Being so in love with Glen I continued seeing him after school, he totally changed; he became controlling, aggressive, and even abusive. Glen completely dictated to me what I could and couldn’t do, it was also a requirement not to hang out with my best friends during school or after school, and I could only talk to them over the phone or text them. Things got crazy and my life accelerated quickly like during 100 mph at all time. I was longer a virgin, I became the ride or die chick by the time I was in 12 grade, Glen got me a convertible BMW, I was wearing name brands and rockin my Louis Vuitton bag, my Jimmy Choo shoes as he was pouring up his money to me.

I walked across the stage believe it or not graduated high school and move in with Glen, he was nice at first but then became the boss man, he had recruited some of his friends to be runners for him selling drugs. Everything was going Glen’s way he met and a lot of girls cheated on me left and right and would check me if I said anything about it, he would go off and yes smack me around to keep me in line. We had this condo in Santa Monica and Glen’s bank account grew up; he was now the baller and shot caller, making money by slanging drugs.

As time went on Glen became a drug lord, and we got married really young and I had a baby girl by 18 years old, more cars, diamonds, and still not able to see my friends or family. Glen had a full life getting other girls pregnant and leaving me with our daughter home a lot with our daughter. I no longer wish to be with him, just thinking daily on ways to escape, however he would always threaten me when I said I wanted out of our relationship. The day came when I got brave gather my things together, got strength and ran out the door and didn’t look back. Glen months later set a trap to get me back by faking an accident when I went to check on him in the hospital he forced me back home with him.

Just like the old saying goes every villain have their day, so one evening Glen’s boy stole a lot of money from him and to make an example Glen had him taken out which then changed him completely and guilty sin stole his soul. Life for him after that became darker, where it was only about making more money no matter what he had to sacrifice or who he had to sacrifice, then it all caught up with him and the FBI found him out and he was sentenced to 25 years in prison only 19 years old.

My freedom came with a price, I fell in love with the wrong boy, fell for all the wrong things, and all the bling no longer shined. Eventually, I got myself together, went back to college and I also got a job, I have a nice apartment for me and my daughter, and finally had a chance to rekindle my friendship again with my Besties.


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