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She Broke the Girlfriend Code

Let me introduce you to truth, the “girlfriend code” what it is and what does it mean. Code 1: You don’t flirt with your girlfriend’s man. Code 2: You don’t kiss your friend’s man. Code 3: Rules over every code you can think of, you absolutely do not hook up with your girlfriend’s man, that’s a deal breaker, the end of friendship immediately. Here’s some questions you can ask to avoid the drama Christy went through with her so called BF, drop the other F she didn’t make forever.

Check out your potential friend’s character, asked her this question does she think if there’s anything wrong with dating any of her friend’s ex-boyfriends, if she answer yes, then you don’t want her for a friend it’s a good sign that she will cross the line with your guy and possible other friendship lines. Ask her does she think it’s okay to flirt with a friend’s boyfriend, if she say something like flirting is innocent and just for fun, you might want to reconsider her for a friend, again she’s a potential risk of breaking the girlfriend code and eventually hurting you in the long run. If you ask enough questions upfront you will find out in the beginnings who have good qualities to be your true friend and possibly you’re BFF.

It was during the summer after we graduated 12 grade, when Christy received a call from a friend that Debra her Bestie was messing with her boyfriend James. OMG she couldn’t believe this was happening, so Christy thought it had to be a rumor and would need to get Debra on the phone to ask her what the heck it going on. Their friend Melody called Debra on 3 way she didn’t know Christy was on the phone; Melody asked Debra did she get down with Christy’s boyfriend; however Debra denied it, saying someone was spreading lies about her. Debra sound so sincere over the phone, however Christy totally didn’t believe her which still left their friendships up in the air, because once you break the girlfriend code that would end the friendship immediately and permanently. Two weeks later Christy went to get some hair products from the beauty supply and ran into Debra, they had been friends for six years and for the first time Debra could not look Christy in her eyes, that was a total give away and a sign of guilt that she did the unthinkable. It’s sad for Christy that after all these years her BFF had betrayed her and was a snake in her garden.

It’s good to have friends and call girls your BFF or your bestie, but make sure you have a true friend first, make sure on the real she care about your feelings and she respect that you are her friend. Friends are hard to come by so don’t assume someone is your friend; make sure they demonstrate the quality and loyalty of a friend.

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