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Studying can be difficult, but is very necessary. So how can you study efficiently, while still making it somewhat fun? One great way to begin is by adding color to your notes and outlines. You can use a simple black or blue pen and ornate your notes with color coded highlighters, or you can color code your notes with a multitude of different colored pens. My recommendation would be to color code your notes either with different colored highlighters or different colored pens, because both, from personal experience, can get a little distracting for the eyes.

Another suggestion is to figure out a specific studying/outlining strategy for each of your classes. For example, my calculus study notes are entirely different from my biology notes. While my calculus outlines are filled with questions and solutions and examples that I have practiced continuously, my biology notes are outlined with key facts and ideas as well as clear definitions that need to be memorized. Therefore, the same studying and/or outlining strategy cannot be applied to every class; each class is unique in its studying approach, so in order to study efficiently you must figure out what you need to study for each class and how you will go about studying those specific topics.

A great recommendation would be to watch videos on topics that you are having trouble with. There are so many resources online, such as online lectures or YouTube videos that go over specific concepts and ideas. For example, when I had trouble understanding how to solve a specific calculus problem I watched a khan academy video on that particular topic and it helped me so much. Also, when I was having trouble visualizing the circulatory system, I found that watching various YouTube videos on the circulatory system really cleared up this problem for me. Finally, start early and ask. Start studying early, about 5-7 days before an exam so that you don’t have to cram everything the night before, because this never works. Trust me, I know from personal experience. Also, if you are having any specific problems that you haven’t figured out on your own, don’t be embarrassed to ask your teachers and/or your peers for help!

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