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Its nice attending school in the Los Angeles area Chelsea been living there all of her life and consider herself the LA girl, she can tell you everyone to go and how to get there. School started back it’s Chelsea’s first semester of the 11th grade, during class breaks she meets with her friends by the locker to gossip, check out the boys, and talk about what’s going on around school. Today Cassandra is whispering and giggling in Ariel’s boyfriend’s ear, looks like that might be next week drama.

Current 411 Leslie is texting Mike to hook up, Mike is texting Monica to go out and Monica likes girls, so she’s texting Cinnamon. Then all of a sudden a new girl to the school, walks right next to Chelsea and open her locker, she totally looked like Tara Banks with a Kelly Rolland’s body, she turned all the boys heads and had all the girls instantly hating. Chelsea says hello what’s your name, the new girl say Lauren my family just moved here from New York, we all introduce ourselves then the bell rang to go back to class. Severely weeks went by since we all met Lauren by the locker, she’s really cool, smart, focus and would like to go to Howard University and would love to be a sitcom writer. All my girlfriends are about our biz, we study, and we want to go to college, and then do something wonderful with our lives. Although, we like the boys we are not trying to have baby mama drama, or deal with boys going nowhere in life. Having Lauren as a new locker buddy was cool she would share with us her stories of growing up in New York, and how she now love her new life in Cali.

It’s now lunch Chelsea and her friends are chillaxing on campus chatting it up when they see Lauren talking with rough neck Bryan, she seem to be really cool and comfortable with him, they were laughing and talking briefly then Bryan walked away. Shortly the class hot mama Brittney show up and it appears her and Lauren are friends, which seemed odd for a girl like Lauren to be acquainted with Brittney. Later on that day when I was on my way to 5th period I stopped by my locker to get something for class, Lauren was there with her locker open and she had a list taped up inside her locker with a lot of boys’ names and numbers.

A week later Chelsea noticed a lot of boys would stop by Lauren’s locker, she would note things in her cell phone and go to class. It was a Friday the last period before going home and Bryan came to Lauren’s locker upset saying that trick Brittney came to my place she half danced and didn’t want to do anything. Lauren said no problem I’ll talk to her this want happen again and the next girl is on me. Chelsea was very curious to know what was going on, so Chelsea followed Bryan to ask him what was up by the locker, he said Lauren have girls come strip for boys and home girl Brittney tripped and didn’t perform. Needless to say although Lauren was very ambitious and had set herself out to be a writer she had a dark side to her, pimping out girls to do her dirty work and stripping for these boys at school.

Who knows what Lauren said to these teen girls to convinced them to sell themselves so cheap, to put themselves out there so low just for some money, whatever it was it’s not worth it. Nonetheless, it’s hard to tell teen girls that it’s not worth it, when you have popular women like Amber Rose former stripper marrying a top rapper Wiz Khalifa with a net worth value of $45 million dollars. Top music artist like Usher saying in his song “I Don’t Mine” “shawty I don’t mind if you on a pole that don’t make you a hoe, go make that money”. Also, women like Kim Kardashian in a music video topless on a motorcycle with her husband Kanye West another top rapper. With top celebrity influence teen girls are considering more and more stripping as a career. However, if we empower teen girls to value themselves and teach them self-esteem, self-worth and self-respect, we hope their choices for money are honorable choices.










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